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Why do I keep agreeing to go on nature walks with family members? Either the trails are insanely long, I get nasty blisters, or we get lost. Today, Mom, Katie, and I went to a local park and walked through a trail in the woods. We got lost, of course, and ended up on a road somewhere. We eventually got back to the car, but only after walking up several annoyingly steep hills. I hate walking uphill. But anyway, I got some fresh air in the woods, which was nice, and we went to Dairy Queen afterwards. Mmm, vanilla ice cream with peanut butter topping... that really hit the spot.

Hey Spam, we drove by your house today. Are you still alive? I haven't seen you online in a while. I'd call your cell, but... you know I hate calling people. Are we still going to see Hedwig?

And now I'm uploading stuff to and seeing how my art would look on cards and stuff. I wonder if people would actually buy stuff with my art on it. Probably not, but that's ok. Ooh, this pastel drawing of Hedwig's eyes looks mighty purty...

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