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Yay! I just got an email saying that "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is on its way to my house! I made an interesting squealy noise and bounced up and down when I read it, so you can guess how thrilled I am.

Guess what? Starting Sunday night, I get to work 3rd shift at MSA labeling and packing hard hats - from 11 pm to 7 am. Fun? Probably not, but at least my mom won't be able to harass me about staying up too late if I'm making money. Plus, I can use the minivan since my mom never drives in the wee hours. I'll just have to figure out when I'm going to eat and sleep.

(several hours later)

Wow, what an evening. Sarah came over, and we watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," cooked an Italian/Asian dinner, then went to the carnival for a while (even though I don't really like them, but I won a stuffed orca and purple doggie) and saw the fireworks. We came back and watched "My Blue Heaven," and she fell asleep on the floor. I think it's time I woke her up. I'd put Moccasin on her (nothing wakes you up like a kitten purring in your ear), but he's sleepy too. We also found out that Moccasin likes pasta. We got a few pictures of him gobbling a bowl of angel hair pasta with sauce. I hope it agrees with his stomach, particularly since I'm in charge of all cleanup in this house until Sunday. Ugh, that means I have a sink full of dishesto deal with tomorrow, and I despise doing the dishes. Oh well. Time to wake up Sarah and then go to bed.

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