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Just got back from work, and my mum made me breakfast. I should eventually tell her that I don't really like eggs any more so she'll stop making them for me, but I appreciate the effort. I used to like scrambled eggs, but that stopped a couple years ago. Maybe that's because I have issues with the smell of eggs due to a certain incident involving a post-appendectomy infection (you really don't want to know...). But I'm kind of happy since one of my coworkers told me I have Thursday night/Friday morning off. Yay for holidays! And I also just found out that one of my college friends put a link to my site on his site. Yay!

I had a dream involving prancing around a weird park area. It was a really beautiful area by a lake with many natural stone arches and a few caves. I was hopping down a path, bouncing and twirling along as if I was on the moon. I felt really happy, and I waved my arms as I jumped and twirled. Then my path crossed with another, and I saw one of my friends named John (I have about half a dozen friends named John, since most people lack creativity in naming their children). He was walking along and saw me prancing about, and he kind of looked at me funny and laughed. I was a little embarrassed because I must have looked like a total dork, but I was still happy. Then we were in a grocery store that was also my room. Spam came up to me and asked for these papers/forms that I had supposedly typed for her, but I couldn't find them since there were papers all over the place (perhaps a dream hint to clean my room?). Then I decided to just print more copies for her. After (or before?) that dream, there were a bunch of random dreamlets involving buying and eating a burrito, looking at a bunch of fish including a nifty-looking puffy blue one that swam on its side, going to see anime with a few friends, etc.

I have 3 or 4 chapters left in HP5, and the tension is killing me. I still haven't found out who dies, but I still have my predictions. I'll probably finish reading it today and then be depressed for a while like everyone else I know that has already finished the book. *sigh* If one of my favorite characters dies, I'll be inconsolable and I'll probably end up ranting/blubbering in a really long private entry. However, if that character reappears as a ghost, I'll be delighted, since Hogwarts has some pretty cool ghosts (and I'm not just talking about Moaning Myrtle).

In other news, Spam is back online! Yay! I missed you! We must get together soon when our schedules agree so we can do fun things and maybe even "practice!" Hehehe...

When I was having my 3am break this morning, this hyperactive, goofy guy named Steve started teasing me (in a funny way).

Steve: What are you looking at, toots?
Ade: Toots?
Steve: Yeah! What's up with the bright yellow shoelaces?
Ade: I like these shoelaces!
Steve: Do you use them to find your shoes in the dark?

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