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Heh... I'm still in my pjs! Working 3rd shift really screws with my eating/sleeping schedule, but that's ok. With the first two checks I got, my checking account funds have doubled, and I now have at least $800 at my disposal. Yeehaw! I think I'll buy myself a t-shirt (my parents were shocked when I said that - I rarely buy clothes, though I enjoy getting weird t-shirts).

This morning, the minivan was being a bitch. It wouldn't start. It had been having troubles for a week or so, getting progressively worse. But it just wouldn't start this moning. I tried for 5 minutes or so, got frustrated, called my mom (I was at work), considered asking someone for a jump or calling AAA, then decided I should keep trying so I could avoid talking to people. After another 20 minutes or so of frustration, trying to calm myself with Tori, and attempting to give the engine a pep talk, I got pissed off enough to try something new. While turning the key repeatedly, I started grumbling, and finally when I said "comeonyoustupidfuckingminivanturnON!" it decided to work, and I got the car running. Never underestimate the power of profanity. So I drove home feeling better, and that was that. The minivan already had an appointment with the car doctor today, and apparently it needed a new starter so they put one in. Gaaah, I'm glad I don't have to work tonight, I don't want to drive the thing until I'm sure it's in pristine starting condition.

And now, since you're probably bored, let's play a game.

Truth or Dare?


My turn! I pick truth. Ask me anything. Anything at all.


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