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Dreams! I was playing the Sims, and I was apparently in the downtown area, and they had office buildings. For some reason, I was making the Sims commit suicide (if I clicked on something, they would take these little virtual guns and shoot themselves in the forehead - it was weird). Then I accidentally told this security guard lady (or maybe she was a secretary?) to kill herself. She put a gun to her forehead and shot, and I felt bad for my mistake, but she didn't die. She just had a little red mark on her head, and her health went down. I made her call the doctor, and that somehow healed her. She was looking through files in the office, and I wondered how I could make her "fun" level go up. Then this guy who looked like my dad came and somehow this leak sprung and was dripping from the ceiling below, and I had to figure out how to clean it up. Sim suicide, eh? Weird.
In the next dream, I was back at college, but my "room" was kind of in this hallway with several doors. I got an email from Brandon saying that he had emailed me the previous day and I was supposed to show up at this restaurant since he needed to discuss something with me, but apparently I had never gone. I emailed him back saying that I never got the original email but I'd be at the restaurant later. I didn't know what he wanted to discuss, but I assumed it was scribe-related since he was the scribe last year (most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's ok). So in the dream, it was 6:00 pm and I was supposed to meet him at 7, so I decided to go to the restaurant and eat there before meeting with him. I was rummaging through a whole bunch of junk to see what I should bring, and I went to the restaurant (which was only two doors away from my room). It was kind of an outdoor restaurant with white tables, like a cafe. I sat down, and then Brandon showed up before I had a chance to order anything. He sat down and said it had been a year since he sold an emulator (?), and of course I didn't know what he was talking about so I just nodded. I opened my backpack and pulled out a bag of giant marshmallows (they were about the size of my fists - that's not very big, but it's big for a marshmallow). I started eating some marshmallows even though I don't like marshmallows (no, I wasn't eating my pillow). Then I looked over at Brandon and saw that he had a bag of giant marshmallows too. Then Jen showed up, and I was happy because I've only seen her a couple times since she graduated (she must have also been there since she was scribe two years ago...). She said something I don't remember, and I stood up and walked over to this big tree by the table. It had really weird and chunky roots. Then Jen yelled at the top of her lungs, "Hey everyone! Tell Ade how to spell dinkified!" I was either amused or embarrassed or both, so I turned away, and people started shouting things back. Then I realized she had said "dignified," and I know how to spell that. And that's all I remember. Dreams are curious things indeed.

Aaaahhhh, Moccasin needs to have his claws trimmed... and I also have to teach him not to walk on the keyboard or attack the cursor, even if it's cute.

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