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It's hard to eat a banana with a kitten attacking the peel. It's also hard to type when eating a banana and fending off a kitten trying to play with the banana. So I'm holding the half-peeled banana in my mouth (stop thinking dirty thoughts, Spam!) while trying to keep Moccasin off the keyboard... what fun. And when I was searching for food upstairs, I discovered that my ice cream sandwiches were missing. Hmmm... must have been my mom. I ate less than half the box and shared with others, but I know my mom has a big weakness for ice cream (despite her health food obsession), and she has a history of snitching any ice cream I buy. My sister was at camp for two weeks and my dad is only home on the weekends... so it was either her or the cats or my invisible friends. Or all of the above. Oh well... we can always buy more.

And then there's the bathing suit thing. I don't have one. Of course, I almost never go swimming, but that's beside the point. In the Alpha packet thingy it said to bring a bathing suit. Well, I almost never swim unless people really pressure me and I can go in fully-clothed. But some pools don't like it when people go in fully-clothed, and it's really hard to pull off wet clothing afterwards, especially if you tend to wear clothing that's too big for you because you're a prude who likes clothing that simply drapes over you like a sack. And it just might get hot enough that I'd actually want to swim just to immerse myself in cool water. I don't know... I'm confused. I don't know if I should go ahead and buy one just in case... and if I do, I'll have a hard time finding one with sleeves and something that will cover the road map of stretch marks on my thighs. Then I'll just have to hope that nobody will look at me, comment on how hairy my legs are, ask me kif I'm pregnant, etc. Heh... I try to convince myself that I have good self-esteem, yet I'm so afraid that people will make fun of the way I look, because people have been doing that since I was in kindergarten. *sigh* Ok, fuck worrying, that takes the fun out of everything. I'm going to look online and see what I can find. And then get frustrated and play the Sims all morning.

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