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First of all, happy birthday, alteredsketch! Woo, you're legal-legal now instead of just quasi-legal! America is weird like that...

Woo, 3 days til Alpha! Yay! *tries to prance around but can't because a kitten is holding her lap hostage* In just a couple days, I'll be having the time of my life, writing until my brain squirts out my ears, nose, and mouth. Be sure you're not in the room when that happens - I hear it's hard to get brain stains out. Heh... brain stain... sounds like an 80s punk band. Anyway, I should have access to a computer so I'll try to stay up to date. I can't wait to see the second-year Alphans again and corrupt meet the new Alphans (don't worry, Leen - I'm mostly harmless). But I still have to prepare by reading, critiquing, writing, and getting the cat's butt out of my face. Ack, now he's pawing my chin... where was I? Oh yes, Alpha. Yay Alpha! And yay Confluence!

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