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I love Homsar. I just do.

I GO TO ALPHA TOMORROW!!!!!!! *nearly soils herself in excitement*

Today I got a navy ID since I'm a captain's daughter (whoah... that makes me sound like the sweet, innocent sailor-magnet heroine of a Harlequin romance novel...), so I suppose I get better healthcare or something. We also took Moccasin to the vet... today's his big day. Whenever I think about him getting neutered, "Angry Inch" always comes to mind. I think it's wrong to deprive an animal of his natural right to reproduce, but the animal shelter wouldn't let us take him unless we agreed to neuter him. Plus, my parents would do it regardless of my wishes. Ah well. To be free, one must give up a little part of oneself... and I know just the vet to take it! *kitten scream* Okokok, enough random Hedwig references.

It's great fun going outside wearing panda ears... my shadow has ears too. And my uncle called, saying Pop Pop just went to the hospital for his surgery (something hernia-related, I think). I hope things turn out ok. I have a neurologist appointment at 3, and I'm wondering if my mom will insist on coming in and telling the neurologist all about these obscure, minor issues I have that probably have nothing to do with neurology. Ah well.

Yesterday, Katie was reading part of HPATOOTP (figure it out yourself - I find the acronym amusing), and she got to a part where Harry was going to write some letters (I won't spoil the story for anyone - go ahead and read this if you haven't read the book, because Harry writes letters in all the books and it's nothing new). Well, there was a sentence that said something like, "Harry took three pieces of parchment and a leather thong..." and when Katie read that, she started cracking up. I suddenly thought of Harry Potter slash, and the "leather thong" thing could be taken so many ways (even if it was really just a strip of leather for tying the letter to his owl). Then Katie mentioned that he was tying the leather thong to Hedwig's leg, and that made it even more hilarious. Yep, I'm mature. Heh...

Shy Bish
Softly spoken, lots of smiles and kind words fallow
you around. You shyness makes you lonely, but
you'll always have a few good friends.

What type of bishonen are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

If I was a guy, this would be me... but I would use better spelling and grammar. Yeesh.


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