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Cheerleaders: All of the crunch but none of the chew!

All riiiiight, I'm caught up on reading people's journals. I'm in the computer lab now, and Alpha is as awesome as ever. Well, except that Tom broke his arm while showing off yesterday, but that can be fixed. When I get back and have more time, I'll update lots of details (I'm writing stuff down day-by-day). There are lots of underfed and overhyped cheerleaders here too, and we talk about cannibalism a lot. We're eventually going to make shishkathomases when we run out of cheerleaders. I've been mostly social, and I made a bunch of friends and got some pictures and videos of Tom with his shirt off. When I get back, I'll upload those for the ladies (the guys are welcome to see them too). Tom is probably reading this and laughing, wondering why the heck the girls find him irresistable (it's the british accent). Anyway, I should be writing my story (it's about a girl with 4 parents - 2 moms, a dad, and a mysteriously androgynous person), but I'm not.

This is Megan. Ade says hi. I bet you didn't know that she was saying hi, but she is. She's also a nazi who mooned hitler, but then she was killed. A bullet struck her in the butt and it got an infection and she died in Geneva during some conference or other. And then she was reborn into a body of a girl who would get an FBI file by 8th grade. That's what being a nazi does to you, I guess. RAR!

That was beautiful. But she lies! That was the summer after 8th grade!

Goodbye, I'm going to go do something else. Maybe write or read "Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher."

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