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Alpha just plain rocks. I love it here.

Good news and bad news!
First, bad news since there's less of it:
One of my friends is in really bad mental shape. I don't know much about the situation, but it's apparently very serious. There's nothing I can do except pray, send healing energy, and hope for the best. Really, there's nothing else I can do, and it would be a really bad idea to try. Ah well... shit happens. It must suck to be a pooper scooper.

Good news: My dad now has a real job, not just his consulting business. Hopefully he'll be in a position where he won't have to sit in the basement all day, working constantly and making very little money. He'll start working for Carnegie Mellon University in early October after he finishes his navy work. Yay!
Tamora Pierce is here! She's awesome because she's basically what half of us want to be, and she's such a wonderfully funny person who appreciates silliness. I wish my sister would read some of her books.
Also, the local Alphans (Megan, Lindsay, Slade, Nora, and me) were interviewed for some Pittsburgh newspaper or magazine (gaah, why do I forget these things?) today. We just sat at a table and joked around, and the interviewer was really cool and didn't run screaming from the room (I guess writers understand each other since most of us and weird and shy and can be ourselves around each other). Woohoo, publicity! Someday when we're famous and our books dominate the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and young adult sections, we'll look back at Alpha and say, "Why the hell were we so obsessed with cannibalism that year?" Or something like that. I feel like something really significant just happened to us. I think that several of us will be big names in the future, and Alpha is helping us along the path to actually making money with writing. How cool is that?

And I'm going to have a lot of photos and videos to put on my web site after this... maybe I should make a new website devoted to Alpha, and people can post pictures, Alpha fanfic (don't ask...), videos of Tom running around shirtless to the delight of the ladies, etc.

Well, must head off for some more writing fun. Toodeloo.

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