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I amuse myself so much. I cut this story down to 150 words. Behold the amusing results:

"Tell me about death,” the nameless Tarkaha with asexual genitals said.
"Death is a bitch," said Connor, the human.
"You have some interesting ideas, but we’re immortal.”
“We’re individuals.”
“If it weren’t for us, you’d be dead.”
“We have a lot in common.”
“Humans are stupid, but we have things to offer,” said Connor.
“No you don’t. You have unprotected sex too much and often abort your babies. You don’t take babies seriously. It takes a village to make a Tarkaha baby, and we only do that on special occasions,” said the Tarkaha.
"You society sounds cool," said Connor. “Do you ever go to war?”
“We used to, when we were primitive and mortal.”
They watched pretty dolphins molest what looked like a whale.
“We talk to the animals that you think are stupid,” said the Tarkaha.
Planes flew overhead, and something exploded.
“You killed us!” cried the Tarkaha.

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