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my middle name begins with E and ends with shut up!

Of course, maybe one or two of you will understand the subject line, but that's ok.

Tamora Pierce is awesome. She just is. And I have a pin with the Tortall emblem on it. *grins*

I finished my story! I wrote half of it in about an hour and a half while under pressure, and several people were whispering "exlax!" at me. Julie, Megan, and Leen have been trying to poke my neck, and if they succeed, I go ballistic and make silly growly-screechy noises and sometimes smack them.

I had two different kinds of beans at dinner tonight (baked beans and black beans), and I think I'll explode if anyone lights a match anywhere near me. I like beans, so I'm willing to deal with the consequences.

I also want to write for Playboy. That would be cool to tell everyone I'm published in Playboy, and they pay really well.
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