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Oy. Medicine makes me sick. Oh well. That's what Pepto Bismol is for.

Tonight was quite interesting. Megan, Jessica, and I went to see Bright Eyes and had all sorts of adventures in parking. I hate driving in Pittsburgh! But the show was fun despite creepy people doing creepy things, and I saw Evil Thom and Chris (a neat guy in my poetry class last semester) and some other people I recognized from high school and/or college. Afterwards, we went to King's and ran into Heather, who I hadn't seen in ages. Ah, what a night. And I didn't even freak out in the middle of the crowd. I got worried while driving through Oakland, but I didn't panic. Good for me. And I suck at parallel parking. *sigh* But I did it eventually.

Well, Moccasin and I are tired and should go to bed soon. Night.

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