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Being home alone means I can rent whatever movies I want without worrying about what my parents/sister/friends approve of or want to watch! I already saw Mystery Men and The Birdcage (my dad recommended both), and today I rented Real Women Have Curves and Death to Smoochy. I hear that they're both good movies. I wanted to rent Better Than Chocolate, but I couldn't find it. Ah well.

I might host a "feast" tomorrow. Anyone who wants to come can come. I think I'm going to make bean dip and maybe some rice, since I bought a box of it. I like cooking. It makes me happy, especially when I make something good. Then I get all excited and have to brag to everyone.

I should also call Megan sometime this afternoon. She had surgery yesterday (removing a hematoba thingy on the back of her head that she got back in junior high), so I should check up on her and see if she wants to come to the feast tomorrow.

Stephen Lynch is amazing. He just is.

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