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Today is the day of the feast! So I've been cooking and stuff. I'm making bean dip, salad, pasta with shrimp, rice, mashed potatoes, and peanut butter cookies. Yummers! I've made about half the food already, I'll do the rest in a little while.

Last night I dreamed that I was at Alpha, but it was somewhere else and some of my other friends were there (including at least one college friend). We were in a game or something, and I guess I captured this orc creature, and the orcs wanted to eat humans or something. I told him that the orcs were free to eat people, but I wanted to spare my friends. Everyone was walking up this staircase and a big group of people walked towards the orcs and suddenly we were surrounded by a moat of lava. The room was made with glass panes, and I was going around and smashing them with my elbows so we could escape. I figured some of the people had already been eaten by the orcs, but I wanted to free as many of my friends as possible. I called to Megan and managed to get her to safety. Then I figured out where everyone could go to escape the orcs. I whispered something to a bunch of people about the sci-fi section of the library, and everyone could get across the lava by morphing into lava and swimming across. Apparently we had unusual magical powers and could do stuff like that. I was running around, telling the Alphans and my other friends how to get out. As people were leaving, I saw these big creatures that looked like man-eating plants. I saw them pick up a couple guys with their vines and eat them whole. I was trying to figure out how to stop the plants, and then somehow everyone else left and there was only one plant left, and it wanted to eat me. When it was about to throw me in its mouth, I must have morphed into an even bigger creature, and I ate it. That part was kind of vague. Anyway, I made it to the library and saw that most of the people were safe, and then the rest of the dream involved trying to find a room to set up a tv or something. It was a pretty interesting dream, and it could turn into a story. That is, once I feel like my usual creative self again.

Well, I suppose I should go brown the ground beef or make the rice or something. I'll change into my new Homsar shirt after everything is cooked and the kitchen is cleaned up. Because I'm the captain of the gravy train.

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