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*growls* come to daddy...
hey yesterday was super, kinda. i went to fencing which was kinda fun. i didn't fight, i was doing drills with some of the new members (i have no patience, but i can thrust my sword at them repeatedly so they can practice parrying). afterwards i was talking to this really nice girl and found we have a lot in common. so an hour later i went with her to this writing group meeting and met some other nice people. i think i hit the allegheny jackpot of nice weirdos. so we did a writing marathon thing where we just wrote nonstop for a while. i was on idol-may, and i wrote 3 1/2 pages of ramblings about my feet, sock collection, and how i'm worried that loved ones are going to die from obesity-related problems. the others wrote a variety of stuff, some was hilariously funny. i don't know if i've laughed so hard at college before. but then everyone sat around and talked for a while and it was funfunfun and i was happyhappyhappy. i only got almost 6 hours of sleep last night, so i'm kinda weary. i went to the counseling center today and just sat there and talked about random stuff for a long time. then i had lunch with some friends (for once). i'm in a good mood. but i'm kinda hungry.

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