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If you're ever in or near Monroeville, PA, go to El Campesino. Great Mexican food. Especially the Quesadilla Supreme.

How am I going to live without my cats, Homestar Runner, and Giant Eagle for a week? Oh, wait... I did that during Alpha. Well, I'll survive. I'll just... talk to the fish. Vermont is awesome, it just gets boring sometimes.

I vaccuumed 2/3 of the house today and did a bunch of other chores. Wooo, I was productive! Now I must pack and finish some other choresies. Awww, Moccasin is so cute... he likes to sleep in my lap and rest his head against my belly... he's getting to be a big kitty now. I miss the days when he was a tiny baby and would climb up on my shoulder with tiny claws that didn't leave gashes all over me. Ah well... he's almost as big as Belle. Ooh, that rhymed.

I put on some Moxie
Looking real foxy
I'm pulling the cat down from the table
Suddenly I'm Miss Cat Lady 2003
Until I wake up and I turn back to a cat
Some cats, they got natural ease
They play with anything they please
Like a ball of yarn
Or a cat teaser thing
Mox goes up
Mox comes down
This is the best cat that I've found
To pounce on everything

Hehehe... I made that up one afternoon when we had Mox about a week... I used to sing it when we'd play with this funky cat teaser thing Megan got us. Well, Mox may be a big boy now, but he's still my baby.

I want to make an animated cartoon icon of me chasing a cheerleader with a knife and fork and big fangs. It would be lovely, but I still need to figure out how to make animated gifs (I'm so lazy). Bwahahaaa...

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