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Happy birthday, Zara!

Well, now I'm getting around to catching up on a week's worth of unread friends pages, so I'm kind of skimming, mostly only reading the journals of people I know and/or think are really really awesome (which is actually most of you... I'm just skipping communities and people I barely know).

And I'm a copycat, I got this from Jessica. Please take this. Please?
What do you really think of me?

Speaking of surveys, here's a relatively short one I decided to make up to get the creative juices flowing again (I quit taking my medication because I forgot a few times and got fed up with feeling so blank and un-Adeish). Feel free to comment with your own opinions and/or swipe this survey.

What does your physical self...
Look like?
Absurdly short, chunky, ambiguous in age... 20, yet apparently I look anywhere between 12 and 17. Long, usually messy light brown hair with tons of split ends and a few thin/short patches, gray eyes, not a particularly unusual face but a decent-looking one, tiny feet and hands, usually wearing jeans and a weird t-shirt...
Sound like?
A muddle of coughs, grunts, sniffs, burps, farts, sneezes, and a bunch of random weird laughs. My voice sounds like... um... a voice.
Feel like?
My arm is soft and a little fuzzy... and I suppose the rest of me is like that too. Soft and fuzzy, like a squid.
Smell like?
My sister says I smell like a wheelchair. I have a terrible sense of smell so I have no idea what I smell like, but apparently I don't have B.O. issues since nobody complains about it. I probably smell like my cats and food.
Taste like?
My wrist tastes a little salty and furry and has that weird sweetish taste where I have a scratch. I wonder if I taste more like pork or chicken... here comes the Alpha cannibalism thing again! I suppose I taste like pork since I was born in the year of the boar and I have piggish tendencies. But then, you are what you eat, and I don't eat pork but I have chicken several times a week. I suppose I'll have to cook myself and make ade-kabobs (it sounds better than shishka-ades...) to find out.

What does your spiritual self...
Look like?
Like I look now, only with much longer, flowy hair. I have wings and sometimes a tail, horns, panda ears, tentacles, or whatever other appendages I feel like having. And I wear overalls and go around barefoot and sometimes wear pigtails.
Sound like?
Mischievous giggling!
Feel like?
Purple velvet... so nice...
Smell like?
Cats, pumpkins, grass, and parmesan cheese.
Taste like?
Probably chicken strips with a side of mashed potatoes, a glass of apple juice, and strawberry ice cream!

Lots of stuff has happened recently. Yesterday I had an EEG and then an MRI. For the EEG, the lady attached a bunch of wires to my head and measured my brain waves. For the MRI, I lay down on a table and went through this chamber that made weird buzzy techno-like sounds. I got a little freaked out, but it was ok. The guy gave me an injection during the MRI, and when he was looking for veins (I have almost no veins in my arms...), I felt dizzy since I sometimes have panic attacks (or something similar) if I think about medical stuff or needles too much. I was shaking a little, and when I stood up a few minutes later, I felt woozy and clammy and had to sit down with my head between my knees. I told my mom to talk about something boring to distract me, and the feeling passed after a few minutes. Afterwards we went shopping and got some random stuff. Today we went to the mall and I got more toys because I'm a kiddie. And speaking of toys, I just bought a game boy advance on ebay. I am awesome.

I need to start gathering my stuff up to go back to Allegheny in a week. Wow... the summer just whizzed by. I'm going to live at the writers' house with 7 other people and probably a cat, I'll be the scribe of Argo, I have new classes and a new faculty advisor, a new meal plan (as oppose to the eat-at-Brooks-all-the-time meal plan I had for the first two years), I promised myself I'd get back into fencing, and I'll try not to be too crazygonuts this year. I'll be more social. I won't hang around in my room all weekend, playing computer games and completely avoiding my friends. My housemates will probably make me be more social anyway. I'll be a good little scribe and send the minutes out on time, and they'll be funny and informative and very Ade. I won't sink into any depression holes, and I'll speak up in discussions more often instead of just quietly nodding. Ye gads, I'm nervous.

Ok, that's enough for now. If you read all of this, you get a gold star! Or maybe a rainbow one, they're prettier.

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