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While my mom and I were out doing an errand, Laura left a message on our answering machine. I called her back and got her answering machine, and for some reason I left a weird message. I said in a sarcastically excited voice, "Hello, Laura! It's Ade! Wow! Isn't that amazing? Umm... yeah. Call me back." Click. After I hung up, I realized I sounded like a real dweeb, so I burst out laughing. I actually considered saying, "Hel-lo Marzipan, this is Sweepstakes Ron, come to bring you great news!" but I didn't think the rest of her family would find it that amusing. Yes folks, Ade strikes again.

Amusing comment wars!

I had some more odd dreams last night. One involved what was apparently a story idea where I was trying to hide a cow in a cave by a meadow or pond or something. My sister wanted us to submit some stories to some magazine... that was odd, since my sister isn't a writer. I was also wandering around a comic book store. Then I was wandering around an adult store that looked more like a regular store with very few adult things inside. After that dream, I had a freaky one. My friend's mom was dying of cancer, and so was my mom. My friend (who shall remain anonymous since I don't want to scare her) was staying at the hospital with her mom (she'd never do that in reality), and we were both just sort of waiting for our moms to die. We were looking through a bunch of random images or something, and at the end of the dream I ended up sobbing tearlessly. I woke up with mixed emotions, feeling uneasy.

My sister tells me that one of my neighbor's dogs kept humping our other neighbor's dog. The funny thing is that both dogs are male... so I have a gay neighbor dog. Well, apparently a bisexual one, since he was trying to hump a female dog too. Plus, he tried to make me his bitch about a year ago... that was quite amusing, yet scary. Now I know why most people neuter their pets...

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