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My next door neighbor came over for tea and scones today (Cheers! Cause I'm so British!) and brought her dog MacAllen, her puppy Sterling, and our other neighbor's dog Bruno (she's watching him since my neighbors are away). We have two cats and a bird. Our house is not dog-proof. Our house isn't even Ade-proof. The dogs were mostly good. Moccasin was a bit scared and hissed if the dogs got within a few feet of him, and Belle was outside (she's very wise and even more shy than me, so she usually disappears when we have company). Sterling ran around, grabbing random stuffed toys, so that was interesting. Off course, all hell was bound to break loose, and it did, right on schedule. Bruno chased Moccasin into the family room (he loves to chase cats), and of course Moccasin freaked out. The other dogs followed and cornered poor Moccasin by the sofa. Moccasin nailed Bruno on the nose before fleeing to the top of the stereo, knocking a few things over in the process. My neighbor was screaming at the dogs, I was running to comfort Moccasin and get tissues to wipe Bruno's bleeding nose, and my mom and Katie got caught up in the excitement. Things eventually settled down, and I put Moccasin in the basement so the dogs wouldn't terrorize him any more. Fortunately there was only one injury, and it was minor. Bruno deserved it though. That's what you get when you chase kitties!

Katie and I made dinner tonight, it was yummy. I made a rainbow collar for Moccasin, it looks really awesome. I actually uploaded all the Alpha pictures, but I need to create the site for them and convert the videos before uploading them. Then I'll have the Alpha pictures site ready! Weee!

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