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pooah! i just had some candy. i also talked to megan on the phone, and we must get together tomorrow, even if it means she'll force me to watch taped buffy episodes and listen to her new rasputina cd. anywho, i took a lovely walk in the woods today and saw the pond, trees, green things, dead leaves, birds, and other nifty stuff. i just love the woods. today i also wrote this list of the 10 best and worst things. in one of my online groups we were all posting ours, so i thought i'd stick it here as well. they're not in any particular order, and they were the first things that came to my head. thought they'd be entertaining.

1. going to schramms farm and buying pumpkins and gourds and all
kinds of october things... i loooove fall...
2. walking in the woods alone or with a good friend
3. getting a package of something really cool in the mail
4. walking out of the last class of the year and thinking, phew, it's
all over and now i can relax!
5. hot tubs! i very rarely get the pleasure of relaxing in one, but
they're just so... mmm... but don't go in after overeating or you'll
feel queasy.
6. staying up til 4 am talking to a close friend and then going to
bed feeling like you know the person so much better
7. strawberry ice cream
8. hugs! they're just so nice and cuddly, i don't know why i put so
many restrictions on hugging. oh well.
9. the rocky horror picture show (heeheeeeee i love it!)
10. sitting outside at night under the moon and talking with a friend

1. periods. they're just gross. especially when you're on a long
car ride and don't have any pads and have to scrunch up uncomfortable
toilet paper or something... yikes...
2. getting surgery and then having an infection where they cut you
open again without painkillers and then have to change your internal
bandages every day for weeks... *shudders at the memory of last
year's appendectomy*
3. not seeing someone you really care about for exceptionally long
periods of time
4. having to go to the bathroom really badly with no bathrooms around
5. vampires... i'm just plain terrified. not really of them, just
the idea that they bite the neck and suck blood from it. i have
issues with that
6. feeling completely isolated with nobody around to really get close
7. when my friends are hurt and all i can do for them is be
supportive and listen
8. how screwed up this world is
9. knowing i've just done something terribly wrong and it feels like
i just swallowed lead
10. people yelling at me, especially grownups

weeheeeeeee i watched my neighbor's kids for like 15 minutes this morning and made $3. go me! i also typed out my "resume." i still don't have a job. i just want one so my dad will quit bugging me! why don't people ever call? jeesh! ah well. i'm enjoying my laziness.

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