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Happy 40th birthday, Tori! Huzzah!

I was working on the Alpha pictures site today (so far I only have the main page and the "Cows With Guns" page), and my dad came home. I had been working on the "Cows With Guns" page and listening to the song while I worked, and my dad told me he bought me a t-shirt. I went upstairs for dinner, and upon seeing the shirt, I burst out laughing. The shirt was covered with dozens of multicolored cartoon cows. Ah yes, nothing funnier than cows with guns. Except maybe chickens in choppers!

Methinks I should start packing for going back to school, since I'm most likely going back on Tuesday and I have oodles of stuff hanging around the house that I want to bring with me.

I want to learn to hula.

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