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Whew. Up at school, lotsa stuff happening. I'll post details once I get the internet in my room. The writers' house is pretty cool, especially now that Sara and i have extension cords and lights in our room (there were only 2 outlets, a small, weak flourescent light over Sara's bed, and a burned-out bulb in the closet, so we hooked up some extension cords, bought some lamps, and changed the bulb - now our room is awesome).

Heatherface - I wish I could fly to California and give you a big hug. But I suppose a virtual *hug* is all I can do right now. Hang in there...

Gen - I *will* send your CD soon... I just have to kick my laziness in the head and get up enough guts to go to the post office and ask if they can help me mail something. Perhaps tomorrow.

Oooookay, time to go back to the house, go potty, and eat something. I'm thinking about cooking corn on the cob tonight. Mmm, corn...

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