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Just when things are going hunky-dory, I wake up and my nasal passages are dry and sore. I hoped it was just temporary dehydration or something, but no. I'm officially sick. I caught that vile bug that's been floating around campus. I got it from Sara, my roommate, who's been miserably ill for the past few days, and right now I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and sore sinuses. Sara gave me some Nyquil since she's nice, and hopefully that will help when I go to bed tonight. I also have a bottle of Dimetapp. Bleh... at least I don't have class tomorrow and I only have 2 this Friday. I want to make more tea, but I've already had 2 cups today and I drink too much tea already, even if it's healthy. Aww, heck... I'll make some more. Maybe I'll make my favorite kind, the Sweet Dreams kind.

I went to the activities fair today and basically visited all the tables of the groups I'm already in, plus a new group that's basically going to be a pagan discussion group. I sat with Emily at the Tuesday group table for a while and said hi to people.

Blech. Damn germs...
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