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Bastard cold. I can't even talk right now. Talk right now as in talk normal now. Yes. Must clarify that. After a meeting with a professor and lunch, I slept the afternoon away. When I woke up, Sean asked if I had any garbage to throw away, and when I responded, I sounded like a frog dying of lung cancer. Not good. I can't even hum without my voice getting all warbly. I like to hum to keep myself company, and now I can't. Dammit. And we're having a reception at the house this evening with teachers and some students. People will try to talk to me and I'll say "Hi By DaBe Is AdE i LiKe To WrItE aDd I lIvE hErE pArDoD bE i DeEd To Go BlOw By DoSe AgAiN" and they'll respond, "Ewww, sick person! Get away! AWAY!" Or maybe they'll be polite about it. Oh well. I think I only have 1 class tomorrow (2 have been cancelled and one is only on Mondays and Wednesdays), and that's just basically a lecture class, so that won't be too much of a hassle.

At least I've been quasi-productive. I sent out the Argo minutes last night, and today I emailed the people who signed up at the activities fair. Several people told me how pleased they were that I got the minutes out on time, but I'm just doing my job. Of course, it's quite a contrast from last year when we'd get the minutes 15 minutes before the next meeting... I try to avoid saying bad things about people unless they really deserve it, and Brandon has been really nice to me and I have nothing against him. But he just didn't do his job very well, and he seemed to hate it anyway. Ah well.

I was sitting by myself at lunch today, and this guy asked if he could sit with me. I said ok, since he looked relatively safe, and he said I looked bored. Well, I always do... my "natural" expression looks sad and lonely, and it's very hard to determine my mood from my expression, unless I'm bouncing around and giggling, yelling at people, refusing to face someone, grinning evilly, etc. I could be anywhere from ecstatic to crushingly depressed, and my face wouldn't show it. Anyway, I talked to the guy, and I get the feeling he's a freshman. He was very nice. So I met someone today and therefore fulfilled my social quota for the day. Ha.

And thanks to all of you for your "get well soon" wishes. I'm working on it. Although I've been ranting against medication recently, Nyquil is my friend.

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