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Whoah... it's scary when you're so used to a web page's layout and then they fuck it up and now you can't find links on the new layout... gyaaaaaah! Damn you, livejournal!


We had a reception thingy at the house this evening, and a bunch of students and a few teachers came. The Bakkens brought little Sophia, she's so cuuuuuute and funny. I wore a nifty shirt, skirt, and my rainbow sparkly wings. I ended up talking to this guy for a while, he kept telling me about how he's such a great science fiction writer and he believes emotional people are the most intelligent. He was fairly interesting, but I found myself nodding a lot and if I moved to another part in the room during a lapse in conversation, he would follow me. Ah well. At least I was social despite my cold. And for some reason, whenever I was saying something really weird, everyone else in the room would go quiet and stare at me. Like when I said that demon names are cooler than good guy names and I want to have a cat named Mephistopheles someday. Hehe... it happens. Evil Thom tried to hypnotize me and make me kill everyone but him, but that didn't work.

Perhaps I'll take advantage of having only one class tomorrow and get stuff done. Like do my laundry, stop by the bank, work on the Alpha pictures site, set up my voice mail, etc. If I feel ok I'll go to anime night. If I don't, I'll just go to bed early or read or something. Yay.

I think I know why half of us are sick. It's that plague rat that CJ bought us for our mascot. I brought it out to show my housemates, and Sara got sick that day. I was looking for it during the party so I could show it to Evil Thom, but it probably got moved during the preparations, so I couldn't find it. Ah well.

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