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Well. I spent most of the weekend playing video games, as usual, but yesterday I went to the first pagan group meeting (I think I'm the only real pagan there - the others are just interested). Afterwards, Nick and a girl whose name I don't remember and I went to see "Bend It Like Beckham." Great movie with awesome music. On the way out, we saw Ben, and he walked back up with us. Today was relatively dull until chem, when Evil Thom and I tried to do this worksheet together. We're English majors. Let's just say it got interesting, and the teacher had to come over and help us several times. Then there was the Argo meeting (new people came! yay!), and we decided that if Evil Thom "accidentally" pours hydrochloric acid all over me in the lab on Thursday, I can get some metal parts and be the TerminAdeor. Hehehe...

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday group of the year! Huzzah! I remember the first Tuesday group of last year... I wrote this short short called "Miss Penusetti's Headdress." It was quite silly, and I was going to put it on my web page but never got around to typing it up. Maybe I will eventually.

Heh heh... Katie is going over to the Delt house to unleash her wrath on whoever was badmouthing her... she should bring a flamethrower or something.

I think I'll call Megan now, since I haven't talked to her in a while.

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