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It seems there are others that are interested in panda porn. Non-Alphans, people I don't know. That's both amusing and disturbing.

We had a lovely Golem meeting, though I almost fell asleep. I wore my panda ears. A whole bunch of new people came, but I didn't pay attention during introductions. I liked the introductions for Tuesday group last night - we told our names, years, majors, favorite colors, and why we want to make out with Ade (Emily started that). Twas fun.

I just realized that most of you don't know about the panda porn thing. Well, it's an Alpha inside joke. Last year at Alpha, Slade had this Weekly World News tabloid. Among other hilarious, articles, it had a little article about panda porn and how zookeeper people are using it to get male pandas in the mood to breed. Well, a couple days later, we were at the science center for the Planetarium reading, and I found these panda ears in the gift shop (you can see a bunch of pictures of me wearing them here). So I became the panda porn star and wore them through Confluence that weekend. And there you have the story behind the joke.

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