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I have the feeling I'm going to turn into the writers' house mommy sooner or later. A few of my housemates are going out now, and they've been mildly drinking. Well, one of them just puked. She said she chugged vodka too fast, but she's ok. I told her she shouldn't drink if it makes her sick, but she says she'll be fine. Riiiiight. Well, she has friends with her and stuff, but I still don't think it's a great idea. I'm not the only non-drinker in the house, and Sean gets after a couple of my housemates for getting drunk and partying. Silly kids. Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation or avoided. Getting drunk on conversation (and sometimes caffeine) is better.

Also, when I was walking back from anime night (we watched "Slayers"), I had the urge to raise energy between my palms, yell "fiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeball!" and wreak havoc. But I didn't. I don't think I'm capable of randomly generating fireballs, and blowing up Quigley would be very bad for many reasons. Maybe I'll just light a match, yell "fiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeeeeball!" and throw it into the driveway and watch it fizzle out in the mud. Woohoo.

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