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Ooh, I just got an idea for my Halloween costume! I was thinking of going in drag this year, but now I think I'll go as Lilo. I have one of my mom's old muumuus (My parents lived in Hawaii before I was born, and my mom has several old muumuus. Most are too tight for me, but she had 2 of the same blue ones that fit, so she gave one to me) and I can dye my hair black, wear flip flops, and carry around a Stitch doll. I can either borrow my sister's or buy my own. It might look a little odd since I'm not ethnically Hawaiian, but I'm short and chubby and weird like Lilo, and I identify with her more than any other Disney character. It won't be as magnificent as my nun costume last year, but that's a hard act to beat.

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