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Wow. Yesterday was... interesting. I decided to wear a muumuu just for the heck of it. I went to Wingfest for the first time (I avoided it for my first two years because it was after run-out and the mass amount of people freaked me out). I wanted some free food, and even though I don't usually go for wings, those ones were actually pretty good. But the real fun came in the evening. I made crab rangoons again (and didn't burn anything except my finger!). We were hanging out in Carolyn's room being silly, and Katie kept calling Jamie's cell and left 10 messages. We were making porno noises in the background and Katie kept leaving really hilarious sexual messages. Of course, Jamie found them hilarious, and when she got back, we had a silly "dance party" in Katie's room. Nothing like doing the chicken dance in the middle of the night. Afterwards, we grabbed a bunch of food and watched "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut." Such fun.

have you ever fallen in love in your dreams?:
yeah... sometimes with a guy with longish brown hair, sometimes with random people I know (those are really weird...)
do you have reoccurring characters in your dreams that do not exist in real life?:
Occasionally. Sometimes they're my story characters.
do you see yourself or do you see from your eyes?:
usually from my eyes, and a lot of the time I see things from someone else's eyes
does the "you" you see in your dreams look like the same person you see in the mirror?:
do the people in your dreams have faces or do you know who they are by "feeling"?:
their faces are usually pretty vague, but I can usually tell or sense who they are
do you dream in color or good ol' black and white?:
can you read or write in your dreams?:
I do both.
do you have orgasms in your sleep?:
not that I know of....
do you pee in your dreams?:
if I start dreaming about going to the bathroom, it means I need to wake up and go. I usually wake up at that point, but I'm too lazy to get up so I just hold it until I really wake up.
when you sleep next to someone, do you dream of them?:
I don't think so...
have you died in your dreams?:
a few times
have you killed in your dreams?:
I think so, but not in a violent way... it was more passive
has anyone dreamed about you killing them?:
I don't know...
do you have tragic, gory, horrible dreams?:
rarely... my dreams are usually just bizarre, and I only have horrific nightmares once a month or once every other month
do you have nightmares?:
see above. Very rarely, and they usually involve fleeing from something terrible, like a vampire in my neighbor's house or falling axes and other stuff.
have you had super powers in your dreams?:
I can usually fly or float, which is really cool
have you hurt a loved one in your dreams?:
perhaps... not that I specifically remember, but I might have
do you always have the same nightmare situation?:
well, I'm usually fleeing from something
have your dreams come true?:
hehe... occasionally. Once I dreamed that Laura gave me a candy cane, and a few days later she did (after I told her about the dream). I also had a dream once where I was on the couch with 3 cats. One was Belle, one was Emma (my nurse kitty who died about 6 years ago), and one was a thin brownish cat. All the cats were vying for positions on my lap, but I couldn't hold all of them. I ended up sitting on Belle (I held myself up so I wouldn't crush her) with Emma and the other cat on my lap (Emma was obese, so it was a tight squeeze). About a month later, we got Moccasin. When I first saw him, he reminded me of Emma, and I got really emotional (I wrote a poem for my poetry class about her, and it really dug up the pain of losing her). So I think the dream came true in a way...
are your dreams easy to interpret?:
sometimes, but they're usually so bizarre that they make no sense whatsoever
Do you like school?:
nah... I think it's a waste of time and money. I'm not getting anything out of it, I didn't want to go in the first place, and I'm only going because my parents are paying for it and they'll yell at me if I quit (you see, my horrible fear of getting yelled at drives me to keep going). I love the writers' house and the clubs I'm in, but I don't think I'm getting much out of classes.
Why/why not?:
see above
Most hated subject?:
those stupid seminars we had to take... blech. "Better living through science fiction" was pretty cool though, even though we only covered stories and novels dealing with sexual orientation and race.
Do you have a fave teacher?:
definitely Ms. Bryson, my 11th grade English teacher and 12th grade Speech and Comp teacher. She was awesome in every way, and I miss her.
Ever had a crush on a teacher?:
No. No way.
Do you have heaps of friends?:
I have a few close friends, some good friends, a bunch of friend-friends, and a ton of acquaintances. About half of you are in the friend-friend category, those of you I barely kow are in the acquaintance category, some are in the good friend category (mostly those of you who I know personally), and one of you (you know who you are) is in the close friend category.
Do you have a best friend?:
not one person specifically... I have a handful of close friends. But if I had to pick one person, it would be Megan.
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend?:
just annoyed. I have some really annoying friends (who know who they are), but I still adore and put up with them.
Have you ever lied to a friend?:
sometimes little white lies, and if I refuse to tell them something, I'm trying to avoid lying. By the way, if I ever refuse to tell you something, drop it and don't demand that I tell you. I'll just get really annoyed, and I still won't tell you.
Do you like your parents?:
they're ok. I don't feel an emotional connection towards them, but they're nice, and they did a decent job of raising me and I'm grateful to them.
Ever run away from home?:
no, but sometimes I went outside and walked around the neighborhood if I got really angry. Once I hid in a corner of the dining room after a big fight with my parents. They thought I ran away and freaked out until my mom walked into the dining room and I jummped out and scared her.
Do you have any siblings?:
Katie, my 13-year-old sister who's my polar opposite
Do you feel your parents spoil you?:
some of my friends think I'm spoiled. I'm not. I didn't have everything I wanted, just everything I needed. Now my maternal grandparents on the other hand... they spoiled me. But grandparents are allowed to do that. If I ever become a grandmother, you bet I'm going to spoil my grandkids!
Do you not get along with any of your family?:
Well, until I went to college, I didn't get along with my parents or sister. Since I'm away from them, I can tolerate them now. Though my sis is still a tremendous pain in the arse. I get along splendidly with my extended family, though I hated my cousin Kevin for many years (we healed the rift about a year and a half ago, and now we're friends). Some of you know the story, and I'm not going to repeat it here (at least not in a public entry) because it's in the past.
Do you have big family get togethers ever?:
not huge ones. The people on my mom's side all get together in Vermont every year, and the whole famdamily came to Nana's funeral. A few years ago, my dad's side used to have get-togethers, but we all live in different parts of the country so we stopped. I see my grandma, aunt, uncle, and little cousins every year though... that's always fun.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:
nah... I don't need one, and I'm not looking. I wouldn't say no to one though.
Ever had sex?:
Do you believe that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage?:
It's up to the person, really. I believe marriage is sacred and should be taken seriously. Marriage has become a joke in modern America. But I think people should wait to have sex when they're ready and love the other person, whether they're married or not.
Believe in casual sex?:
Sex without love is like driving without a steering wheel. It's just a bad idea. Now casual sex between good friends who know what they're doing... I don't object to that.
When do you plan/when did you lose your virginity?:
if I ever meet someone who is right for me and I get serious with the person, maybe
Do you have a religion?:
I call myself an eclectic solitary Wiccan. My beliefs relate most strongly to Wicca, so I follow that path, but I practice alone and draw my beliefs from different sources (mythology is fascinating, and it highly influences my religion)
Do you practice it i.e go to church?:
I rarely have rituals (due to laziness), but I believe what I believe. My parents used to drag me to church all the time, but a few years ago they gave up. I only go now if there's going to be a luncheon or supper (gotta love 'em, and watching Veggie Tales and hanging out with the weirder kids is always fun) or I want to see CJ.
Do you believe in God?:
not exactly the Biblical Christian God, but a higher power, yes
Do you believe in Jesus?:
Jesus was just awesome. I have the highest respect for Jesus, and I do believe He was an incarnation of God. I just don't believe that there's one "true" religion, and I'm not going to drop my other beliefs and become a Christian, no matter how amazing Jesus was. Christianity in itself is a great religion, but the church has some serious issues. It's a human-run organization, therefore it has its faults, and I don't agree with many of the church's beliefs.
Do you believe in Satan?:
Evil just exists, and I don't believe there's one anthropomorphic embodiment of evil, especially not the Christian form of Satan. Though the South Park Satan is truly awesome, and I want to give him a big hug. He's so gay he's adorable.
Do you believe in Heaven?:
in a way... it would take forever to explain my post-death beliefs though
Do you believe in Hell?:
nope... plus, earth is hellish enough as it is.
If you died tomorrow what do you believe will happen to you?:
fine, you want me to explain, so I will. I think my soul would leave my body and go to a nice place with big grassy meadows and other spirits. Wiccans call it Summerland, but I sometimes call it Purgatory because that's a cooler word, even though I don't think that place is anything like the Catholic Purgatory. There I would hang around and rest until I'm ready to be reborn. My spirit goes through many lives, constantly learning and gaining experience, and finally when I've learned enough, I can spiral up and remain on a higher plain with the deities and the other spirits.
Have you ever been drunk?:
Taken drugs?:
I take Lexapro every day, does that count?
just gum and stuff when I was 7
not in the past 13 years...
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend?:
never had one to lie to, and I probably wouldn't anyway
Gotten into a fight?:
yes... several times... not recently though
Are you more innocent or guilty?:
I'm both. But I'm a nice girl, so I'd say 75% innocent.
Have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict?:
no, and I don't have the patience so I'd probably take them to a rehab place. Addictions are nasty, and I'd rather lose a friend than watch them drain their life away.
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings?:
I'm open-minded. However, I won't tolerate it when other people push their beliefs on me, and I have to close my mind to shut them out and tell them to stop. it really pisses me off when people proselytize, and I think it's very wrong, even if it's a big part of some people's religions. Keep your religion to yourself and we'll get along fine. I don't push my beliefs on anyone, and I'll respect yours as long as you don't expect me to believe what you believe.
Whats your fave style of music?:
I like lots of stuff. I mostly listen to Tori, tranny musicals, and soundtracks now.
Do you play an instrument?:
I used to play piano, guitar, and harmonica, but I'm not musically talented and hate practicing, so I stopped.
Do you sing?:
only when alone or being silly with friends... I hate my voice and feel uncomfortable singing in front of others, but I like to sing or hum along with music when I'm alone.
Whats your fave band/group?:
Tori isn't a group, but I adore her. And Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Are you funny or serious?:
I'm really goofy, but I'm so quiet that people think I'm serious until I open my mouth.
Creative or not?:
creativity is my life!
Logical thinker or lateral thinker?:
uh, just a thinker.
Are you outgoing or shy?:
I'm insanely shy... but once I get used to people I'm ok.
Are you lazy or active?:
profoundly lazy
Are you a naturally hyperactive person?:
I tend to be bipolar... I'm lazy and quiet, but when I get excited, I get bouncy and chattery and hyper.
Are you happy with the way you look?:
I like being little and pudgy. And I have a nice face.
What would you change?:
I don't really want to change anything, but I don't like this double chin (makes me look even more miserable, and my "default" expression looks sad and lonely even when I'm not) or my chest or this yucky appendectomy scar.
Do you wear makeup regularly?:
noooo, only when playing dress-up
Do you have a large wardrobe?:
I have a tremendous amount of t-shirts, but there are only like 10 that I wear on a regular basis...
Your all time most embarrassing moment?:
Definitely in 10th grade when Ms. Poholsky started massaging my legs in gym class...
Ever snorted a drink out your nose?:
a few times, and it was painful. I made Leen snort her drink out of her nose twice in a row at Confluence, and she still has to get me back for that... hehe...
Ever giggled like an idiot?:
oh yes... I do that all the time, often to the amusement of others. The word "exlax" still cracks me up after 4 years, and everyone knows it.
Ever embarrassed yourself and pretended nothing happened?:
of course! I embarrass myself on a daily basis, and I usually just laugh at myself
Ever tripped in front of someone you liked?:
yeah, it happens...
Ever said something really stupid?:
whenever I open my mouth I say something stupid, so I try to shut up most of the time.
Ever snorted while laughing?:
sometimes, and that makes me laugh even harder
Ever fallen off a bed?
Ever sleepwalked?:
very rarely, but once I woke up curled around a huge mirror on the guest room bed and I vaguely remembered going there...
Ever sleeptalked?:
yeah, all the time. I usually say amusing things, but once I terrified my roommate because I was laughing evilly. My sister is worse - she yells in her sleep constantly. It's hilarious.
Whats your best memory?:
I have lots... perhaps my first Tuesday group here.
sexual assault...
Do you have a good memory?:
Ever had funny thoughts and laughed and no one understood you?
all the time... and when people see me randomly grinning, they ask what's so funny.
Whats the first thought that comes to your head when you hear these names?
all-purpose good name
half a dozen of my friends
a guy I knew in 6th grade... we called him Chuckie
my sister's friend's sister
a character in a play Megan and I wrote that rarely spoke until the very end
an Argo friend

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