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I learned a new word today, thanks to the endless amount of porn spam I get. I was cleaning out my spam folder, when I noticed this subject line:

. : Good morning concupiscent Madame! : . photos@bHkHwAqJmRc

I thought, whoah, that's a big word for a spam email, since the people who write them are often so stupid they have subject lines like "enlreg yoor pens!" So I went to and found that "concupiscent" means "A strong desire, especially sexual desire; lust." I will now use that word whenever possible. The body of the email also cracked me up:

Hello lusty Madame!
My name is Pamela Cole, do you remember me?
Very well, you were asking me for galleries or videos. So I have Incredible news
for you Sweetie. I want to bid you permission to my website! Open it:
With love, your Darling honey.
This is a friendly bonus from Cynthia.
You either subscribed to free Internet resource lately or your friend entered
your address for you.
To stop from future notifications, send any email here:

Hehe... wow. It's so obvious that whoever wrote this isn't a native English speaker. And I'm not very concupiscent. Woohoo.

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