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Woo, yesterday was adventurous. I went to Pittsburgh with Carolyn and Mick, and we ran into Joe and saw "The Fight Club" with a commentary by the author, Chuck Palahniuk. It was a pretty nifty yet disturbing movie. I liked the first half, particularly the intro up to the point where the main character has the gun in his mouth. After that it got a bit too disturbing for my taste. But making fancy soap from human fat... that's great. The cinematography was awesome. And for some reason, I liked the very end when the main character and Marla were holding hands and watching the skyscrapers explode and collapse through the big window. Somehow, that was just cool.

Anyway, after the movie, we had a few hours to kill, so we went to an Indian restaurant then wandered for a while. We went to an Indian store and I got some random food and this crazy CD. It's the soundtrack to these 2 Indian movies, rip-offs of Saturday Night Fever and Star Wars. The cover alone was so hilarious, I had to buy it. It had pictures of Indian disco and an Indian couple in a Star Wars-esque setting. I'll have to scan it sometime. When we went to the reading, I ran into a bunch of people. I saw Tamara, a girl I went to camp with 5 years ago, though I didn't recognize her until she told me who she was. Then I saw Zara, which was lovely, and then this girl I vaguely recognized told me she was Leanne's friend, and I talked to Leanne on her cell phone and told her to come to the reading, but I never ended up seeing her. I also saw the girl who interviewed the local Alphans for Pittsburgh Magazine, but I didn't get a chance to say hi. So Zara and I sat in the balcony, and then the rest of the Allegheny people showed up. The reading was... um... unique. 2 people blacked out during "Guts," bringing the total number of blackouts during that story to 27. I think Chuck was proud of it. I know I would be too. I'm going to challenge Megan to beat that record. Let's just say I'll never look at pool drains the same way again. Wow. Oh yes, and next Confluence, all the Alphans, past, present, and future, should perform "Cows With Guns: The Musical" as a puppet show. I even drew a little picture of it.

During the drive back, we listened to the Indian CD ('twas hilarious), and when I returned to the house, I frantically typed a really short pirate story for the Argo newsletter. Since I know very little about pirates, I just wrote something about a pirate girl whose father wanted her to be more ladylike, but she ran around plundering the village anyway. Weeee.

Oh. I should be getting ready for class now. Blarg.

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