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Heh. Intestines. At lunch, Ben and Nick and I were making all sorts of weird jokes referencing last night's disturbing reading. I didn't even feel remotely ill during it, even though he was describing really nasty stuff that would usually provoke a panic attack. Perhaps the Lexapro is really doing its job, since my neurologist prescribed it partially to control the panic attacks (among other things). I rarely have them, and they're usually provoked by nasty medical stuff. Anyway, I'll definitely scan the doodle of the "Cows With Guns" puppet show... it's just funny. I wonder if there are any Dubya hand puppets... since Nora needs one. *evil giggle*

And most of you have no idea what anything in that last paragraph was about. Weeee! I got my CDs and cooking supplies in the mail (yay!) and on the way down to the sidewalk, I tripped on the last step and managed to scrape/bruise my knees. Carrying big boxes makes it hard to stare at the ground while I'm walking. Ah well. I also managed to forget I didn't have chem today and didn't realize it until I got to class and realized something was wrong. Heh. Me is smatr!

I'm going to make myself do laundry and start studying for the psych test on Friday (as in reading the chapters...). I think I need to make a couple new icons too, just for the heck of it and to replace the ones I don't use. Don't worry, all my icons are here. Except the Shrek/Fiona one from ade_a_roni, I need to add that. Fiona makes such a nice ogre. She reminds me of Laura when she's an ogre (it's the green thing...).

I wrote this last night on really short notice for the Argo newsletter so it's not that great, but it's something. Maybe it would be a cool story if I did some research and made it longer with more of a plot. It's hard to get detailed in a short short, but that's ok.

Lady Pirate

"Anna, put down your sword and listen to me," my father said. "You're thirteen years old now, it's time you started acting like a lady. I wish you could be one of us, but I'm afraid you'll end up like your mother. She was a great pirate, but she ended up blasted full of holes on a beach in Brazil. I don't want you to follow her fate."
"But Papa," I said, slicing through an imaginary opponent, "I don't want to be a lady. I want adventure, not fancy dresses and parties."
"I know, but you've got to stay aboard the ship this time, you can't go plundering with us. We used to let you because nobody would harm a little girl, but with your short hair and breeches, you look just like a lad. I'll get you some nice clothes this time."
Though I protested, my father and the other pirates left me on board while they wreaked havoc on yet another coastal village. They thought I'd be a good girl, but I had other plans.
Sliding down the anchor rope into the water, knife in teeth, I swam to shore and scouted the land. While the others terrorized the town, I snuck into shops and houses, swiping any good food and treasures I could find and stuffing them into my pack. A potter caught me and nearly sliced off my nose, but I slashed at him before darting into the night.
Back on board before the rest of the pirates returned, I dabbed at the gash on my cheek and devoured a mango. Stashing my newfound coins and jewels beneath my mattress, I grinned to myself. I was no lady, I was a pirate. My mother would be proud.

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