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Giant prehistoric rodents are cool!

I have a big social psych exam tomorrow on chapters 1-4, and so far I've managed to read chapter 1. Weeee! Tonight is going to be funnnnnnn! Plus, I have to interview someone and write a 2 page reflection on it for tech writing. Maybe I'll just interview a random friend online.

Instead of studying, I've been checking out Halloween costumes online. Must... stop... have... much... time... before... Halloween... man, those Brooks potatoes sucked. I blame them for the weird feeling in my stomach. *grumbles*

Family weekend is coming. That means I must clean the room, make my bed, vaccuum the house (it's my week to vaccuum anyway), hide any remotely questionable material I don't want my sister to find and make a big deal of, and place textbooks in prominent places so it looks like I've been studying like a good girl. My mom is bringing me a bottle of dry sherry for cooking purposes since I'm 8 months too young to buy it myself. Ooh, today I'm 20 1/3. A lot of the recipes in my Chinese cookbook call for dry sherry, so I asked my parents nicely and explained why I needed it. My parents don't really have a problem with underage alcohol consumption as long as it's in small amounts. They know I don't drink, and I can't stand the taste of alcohol anyway. My dad makes beer every so often, and when I was younger and didn't mind the taste of alcohol, he used to let me try sips of it. My parents give me small amounts of alcoholic beverages every so often to see if I like them, but I usually don't. They know the drinking laws in this country are outrageous and only encourage minors to drink. Other adults occasionally offer me alcohol anyway (I always refuse), and my parents don't mind. I was at my Swedish neighbor's party a couple months ago, and she told me there was a cooler of beer if I wanted one. I politely refused and told her I was too young to drink anyway. She gave me this horrified look, and when I explained the Pennsylvania drinking law, she thought that idea was ridiculous. I don't see why this country has to be so anal about drinking - other countries have lower drinking ages or none at all, and drinking isn't a big problem. However, this country doesn't trust its young people and thinks that restricting people under 21 from buying alcohol is a good idea. That's bullshit. Minors are going to drink anyway, and slapping on a high drinking age will only make it worse, since "taboo" stuff is "cool" and minors will drink more if they think it's cool. If there's any drinking age at all, it should be 18. 18-year-olds can vote, run for minor political offices, own and operate bars (but not drink in them), and get married sans parental permission. Why can't they drink? My cousin got married when she and her husband were 20, and they had to drink sparkling cider at their wedding instead of champagne. That's ridiculous.

Oh yeah, studying. I should do that now. And so ends my rant. Thank you, and have a nice day, please!

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