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It would be really cool if we had an SCA branch at Allegheny. If I had any initiative and people skills, I'd see about starting one, but you know how I am. I hope it gets cold soon just so I can prance around in my cape. I need real garb too.

I just changed my desktop to a picture of Moccasin when he was a little baby... so cute! I want to kitnap him and bring him here with me, but I can't... my family loves him too. I miss falling asleep with him snuggled up on my arm... I wish Sam was a cuddly cat, because I miss having a warm fuzzy "laptop." I'd get another kitten here, but that might not be a good idea. Oh, and my mom and I might go to Cleveland for a day or two during my fall break when my dad and sister are away. Sounds exciting.

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