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I walked to the mall all by myself today. I feel proud of myself for some reason. I bought some nifty fabric so I can make an Alpha Delta Epsilon shirt (get it?) and some laundry stuff.

I have a chemistry exam tomorrow! Therefore I'd better make sure I understand everything (particularly oxidation states...). I'm sure I'll do fine. I just need to take better notes. And I'm excited about Tuesday group tonight. I always am. I think I'm going to go to fencing practice tonight, since I've been meaning to go again. I haven't been since January and I promised Forrest I would.

Wow, for the past two paragraphs, I started almost all the sentences with "I." I'm so awesome.

I wore my cloak yesterday, partially since it was raining and partially because I really wanted to. 'Twas awesome, and I got a lot of compliments (and stares). It makes a nice cover-everything garment (though the hood likes to fall over my eyes) and makes m elook like a chibi Death (substituting a pocket knife for a scythe). I should wear interesting clothes more often. Too bad I don't have my magnificent gothic dress with me (I rarely wear it, but it's gorgeous and makes me feel splendiferous - there's a picture on my site of me wearing it for Halloween 2 years ago).

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