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Thanks to those of you who filled out the survey thingy. Hugs for everyone! Weeeee! <3

Excel Saga is the kind of anime that makes my brain leak out of my ears... while I'm guffawing insanely. And speaking of anime, I got a 3-pack of Miyazaki films (Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Castle In The Sky). Weeee! In the past year, I think I've bought more anime than regular DVDs. I blame Nicole for getting me into anime and Argo for reinforcing it. Hah! Oh yes, and playing Cranium is fun, especially watching Brandon pantomime a mermaid. Fwahahahahaaaaa...

I also walked down to this little Catholic school to talk to the principal about working on a newsletter for them. On the way in, I saw a little old nun who was about my size... that made it worth the long walk down and back. Hehe.

I got a 90 on my chem test (yay!), and my professor wrote a poem at the top of it (referring to the poem I wrote after a horribly confusing homework assignment). It made my day. Here it is:
Confusion has fled!
It seems that, instead,
Clarity reigns
Thanks to your brains.

Hee, even chemistry teachers can write poetry!

Quote of the day: "Oddly enough, it was the underwear that gave it away."
- Prof. Baros (after figuring out that I was drawing a clothesline with my eyes closed)

Mmm, sleep...

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