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Ok, I'm stealing this concept from gaea_truth but modifying it to my own standards. These are my favorite icons from all my lj friends, not just my favorite icon from each person (especially since some of you have only one icon or no icons). My current personal favorite icon is the one I'm using now (Moccasin eating spaghetti!). So here are my other favorites:


I just love that it's a crazed kitty... it makes me grin


It's so beautiful and yet so sad... and I loooooooove Waterhouse!


Purty unicorns!




This one just strikes me as amusing

Funny, most of those icons belong to Alphans or Argo members. Though I must say that the Alphans and Argo folks would get along fabulously if they ever were to meet (though Jessica and Evil Thom met Megan, and later Zara met Nick, and they all know me...).

Nick is a sillyhead. He keeps telling me not to write about children and not to write genre because they're evil (Prof. Nesset doesn't want us to write genre, and for some reason he thinks young people aren't complex, even though I think the opposite), yet he was reading an obvious sci-fi book in the coffeehouse (it even smelled like a sci-fi) and whenever we go to the bookstore, he heads to the sci-fi/fantasy section. Heh. He just likes to argue, even against stuff he believes in or likes. And dammit, I'm sticking with the story I'm writing for Nesset's class, even if it does seem suspiciously like young adult fantasy. It just has young characters and deities in it... therefore it's magical realism. And Nick's book is scientific realism. Riiiiight. Speaking of Nick, we were discussing dressing up for homecoming again this year (last year he wore a skirt and I wore a habit... pictures can be found here). I think we should wear each other's clothes. I also think Evil Thom should be a princess.

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