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Last night, I took the virginity of 3 girls at once. Yes, several of my housemates had never seen Rocky Horror, so we watched it before Tuesday group. I brought some random props (cards, newspapers, a squirt gun, silly hats, my cloak, etc.) and made sure their first time was memorable. The movie ran into Tuesday group time a little, and I found out that Nick and Robertson (it was his Tuesday group devirginizing) are also Rocky Horror virgins. And I'll repeat what I said last night, "watching the end is like having an orgasm without any foreplay." So I must take their virginity too. Jamie had to leave towards the end so she got no orgasm, but she promised to watch the rest later. Heee, I love corrupting people. And on that note, it's time for class.

(note: I picked the icon and mood icon solely for Tim Curry and Magenta)

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