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My sis just called, begging me to buy a magazine from her so she could get some stupid prize. Ugh, junior high magazine sales. After much debate, I finally surrendered into buying Cicada, even though it's insanely expensive (Katie got my dad to agree to pay half). Blarg. I hope for everyone's sake she never becomes a salesperson... she doesn't get off anyone's back until she gets her way.

I talked to Nesset today... and agreed to write something "literary" and complicated for the sake of the class. At least he likes transvestites with cats and all sorts of weird friends. I don't know where that story will go. He also said that I write very well and have a way of putting sentences together, but the piece I already wrote seemed like it was targeted towards junior high students. Ah well. I feel better today, anyway. Though I'm sore from yesterday's long walk and still feel wounded from Nesset's previous comments.

I think I'm going to go draw something or eat mass amounts of chocolate.

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