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I got my room nice and semi-neat last night (for once), and then I tore it up trying to find a calculator today. Blech. Oh well. Fall break starts next week! My mom and I are going to Cleveland to visit the art museum (I went 2 years ago with my art history class - it was impressive). Hey, if any of you on campus want to come along, you're welcome to. And I can't wait to go home and see my kitties again. I hope Moccasin will remember me and be all cuddly and sweet again. I really miss him. And Belle, she's a sweetheart too even though she's afraid of everyone except my family and a few choice neighbors.

Speaking of animals, for some reason I've had a recent impulse to get a turtle. I've been trying to talk myself out of it since I hate cleaning cages and have never had a turtle before, but I still want one. If anyone could talk me out of getting one, I'd appreciate it.

And I find myself wanting some apple cider even though it gives me heartburn. Perhaps I'll pick up some if I go food shopping today, and I'll take some Titralac before drinking it to neutralize the acid. I love fall. During fall break, I want to go to Schramm's with the neighbor kids and pick out pumpkins while frolicking in the corn maze, petting the goats, and shivering in the October breeze. I'm such a little kid at heart. I still can't believe I'm 20 already and people my own age are going out into the world, getting jobs, getting married, having kids, and taking care of themselves. Here I am, thinking I'm still 6 years old, and all I want to do is jump in piles of leaves and ride around in my dad's wheelbarrow. Of course, the last time I jumped in a pile of leaves (last year after raking a lady's yard with Anita and Good Tom), I landed hard on my knees and hip on some twigs, and that was no fun. I'm too heavy for my dad's old wheelbarrow... besides, it's ancient and rusty . But I'll never be too old for apple cider, pumpkins, or dressing up on Halloween.

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