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Phew. Yesterday was just amazing in its entirety. I had to wake up disturbingly early to go bug my chemistry professor for help on the homework, but I turned it in. I watched half of "Sixteen Candles" with my housemates (a really funny movie despite the plot cheesiness - I must see it in its entirety someday). I fried up the egg rolls (a bit too cabbagey for my taste, but others seemed to like them), and Sara and I went to a picnic for the people in the CSA program at the Bakkens' house. They have a kitten! Aieeee, cuuuute... We were the only students there (probably due to homecoming stuff), but a bunch of professors were there. And the Amish people, who are so nice. I talked to Mrs. Yoder, and she said she likes to write and published some stories about her children in an Amish newspaper. She also said that her oldest daughter (18) is really short too, but not as short as me. Hehehe. Mmm, good food and free-range chicken! Since I still have a bunch of cabbage and egg roll wraps left, I think I'm going to go buy more sprouts and vegetable oil today and make 2 more batches to use up the ingredients and have egg rolls for everyone! Weee!

And there's a KITTEN in the house! Carolyn got a kitten for her friend Joe (who took care of Sam, her grownup cat who lives with us but stays in her room and avoids people), and it's so tiny and fuzzy and cuuuuuuuuute and I got to hold it and pet it and... <3<3<3 Anyway, Jamie is taking care of it for a week. There are more at the farm, and some of us are going there this week. Jamie and I want to get one and we can be its mommies, and I called my mom and asked if it was ok if I took care of it over the breaks, and while she wasn't too thrilled with the idea, she said it was ok. The thing is, if we get a kitten this week, fall break is quickly approaching, and my mom and I are going to Cleveland to visit the art museum. However, Sara is staying here over break so the kitten wouldn't lack a place to stay. Oh gosh, I'm such a cat lady it's great. Nana would be proud.

Nick and I dressed up for homecoming again - this time, I dressed as him, and he dressed as a fairy princess. There will be pictures soon. The funny thing is, his pants fit me perfectly around the waist (well, hips since I wear them there), but they're extremely long and I had to roll them up. Nick is a foot and a half taller than me and kind of skinny, and I'm pudgy with wide hips, so it's weird that his pants fit me. Anyway, the dance was interesting. Other Argo folks were there, so it wasn't just freshmen who think people actually go to the homecoming dance. Few people ever show up (more showed up this year than last year though), but we got more attention than last year (mostly because Nick just looked cute as a fairy princess). Afterwards, we went to his house, where his housemates were having a drunken toga party. It was very amusing watching them prance around in bedsheets. I even took some photos and videos. Muhahahahahaaaa... And then we went to Ben's room for a while. I finally got to bed after 3, and by that time, I was so tired that I just took off my shoes, dumped everything off my bed, and fell asleep in Nick's clothes. I'm still wearing them, since I haven't bothered to shower or eat anything yet. Perhaps I should do that now. Then I'll eat, go shopping, upload the pictures, post them, make the egg roll filling, and take care of all the homework I didn't do this weekend. Yay!

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