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Awww, this kitten is just a sweetie. Even though she's going to be Joe's cat, I've been spending a lot of time with her and we've really bonded. She'll nap on my lap while I'm on the computer or at a meeting downstairs, and she likes to attack my fingers and feet. She doesn't have a name yet (since Joe wants to meet her first), but I call her Baby. Jamie and I will get our kitten in about a week, after fall break. I'm so excited. I'll miss Baby when she goes off with Joe, but I'll be thrilled to have a new kitten!

I gave Nick his pants back in class today, but very few people stared. Darn. Nick said he slept in my clothes too, and I find that both amusing and kind of sweet. Fun stuff.

At lunch today, I was sitting with Ben and Nick and this guy who I'll just call "X." Now X is usually a pretty funny guy, even though most of what he says is really off the wall and questionable. But today he went overboard, and I should have made it clear that it offended me. He was pointing out a girl sitting outside and said she was cute, and I agreed, saying I think she's cute in a pixyish, I-want-to-hug-her way. Then he said she made him want to get out the chloroform and... yeah. I didn't find that amusing at all, so I smacked him and called him a bastard. A little while later, when I was getting up to leave, he said "I'll see you later," then said it in a slick, suggestive manner, mentioning chloroform again. At that point, I said "I'll keep that in mind" and said that if he tried the chloroform thing on me, I'd have a gun ready. He said he found that hot. Ummm... no. I know he wasn't serious and was just trying to be funny, but he really crossed the line with the implied rape jokes, and to me that's not a laughing matter.

I'll get pictures up once I feel motivated to resize them all so I can upload them. Really!

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