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ooh i had some crazy dreams last night...

first off, this girl who i graduated with that used to live down the street from me drove me to the mall because i gave her $6 (i don't know why). when i went in, it was the middle of the day, and the only people there were people my age, and i saw a lot of the people i graduated with. so i was walking through the mall and people stopped and stared at me, but i kept going. it sort of looked more like a school, actually (gah! franklin manifesting in a dream!). i went to a stairway, and i saw people going into these little niches in the walls and tiny substaircases. i tried, but it didn't really work. i ended up going through this hole and ending up by a college-type classroom. i knew i would be in trouble, and some guy was with me, so i ducked back into the mall. i suddenly realized i was pregnant (whoah... where did that come from?) and wondered how my family would react. i had apparently had a baby a couple years ago, but it had immediately been adopted and i never got to see it. at first i thought my cousin kara way my daughter, but then i remembered that she came from russia. i figured my family wouldn't mind if i had another child, but i wanted to find the first one. then i started thinking about ayla (from the "earth's children" series by jean auel - i've been reading "the shelters of stone") and thought she had a bunch of children in between durc and the one she carries in "the shelters of stone," but they were all adopted too. i think i got a bit confused with that. that part ended there.

in the second part, i was basically on the set of "bring it on" (that stupid cheerleading movie) and was sitting off to the side in the gym. i was talking to the captain of the black squad and saying i thought they were better. i said i hated the yelling but the dance moves were interesting. so i sat back against the wall, next to this girl i know from school. apparently she was on the white squad (she really isn't the cheerleading type, so that was weird) and i was going to sit there and watch. then that part ended.

i was at giant eagle with my mom, and i decided to grab a bunch of those frozen dinners. so i found a 2-pack of chicken and vegetables or something but it broke apart and i realized the prices weren't right. they were something like 29c each but 2 of them were like $3.50 or something. so i put them in my shopping basket and went to pick out more food. i came upon a book section and found this amazing calendar/book there - all pictures of jareth from "labyrinth" (am i getting a bit obsessed?). i flipped through it, and there was a lot of artwork. there were even a few of jareth wearing this chain mail hood underwater with a giant squid floating by (for some reason it reminded me of shrek, but i was amazed). near the end, they had some pictures of ET and a little baby alien and stuff. i really wanted the book but it was $30, so i figured i'd ask my mom for it. i filled out an envelope for it or something. apparently this woman made the book from her friend's fantasies. then i abandoned the book and went to find some ramen noodles. i saw my dad and sister walk down one of the aisles, and i ducked out because i didn't want them to see me buying tv dinners and ramen noodles. i was looking for the noodles but couldn't find them. i found some similar cups with things like cereal and cheese curls in them, and my mom said i could pick out a couple, but i was disappointed that i couldn't find any ramen noodles! then i kinda woke up.

so here's my analysis: in going to the mall/school, i was trying to find or learn something, but i surprised myself. i have the occasional pregnancy/children dreams, but i probably had that from writing part of a novel last night (the main character's mother tells her she's pregnant). according to my dream dictionary, the pregnancy represents a new area of my potential or personality developing. of course, since i'm rather young, it could also mean i'm having anxiety about covering something up that's too big to be covered up. who knows? the stairs represent taking steps either up or down (in this case, up). i don't know what the rest of the dream was about, i was probably just thinking about movies and how hungry i was (i didn't have much supper, my mom just heated some wedding soup for us). as for the jareth book... well, i'll let freud interpret that ;)

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