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Three people I'd marry:
1. if Tori was half her age and liked women, I'd marry her
2. Jareth the goblin king (Sarah was an idiot for refusing!)
3. Homsar!

Three people I'd never marry:
1. anyone related to me
2. Lance Bass (he's all yours, Spammykins)
3. Prof. Umbridge (I was trying to think of someone horrid, and she just came to mind... good thing she's a fictional character...)

Three people I'd I'd win a fight with:
1. My sis (she's taller and more active than me, but I'm still stronger)
2. Kirk Nesset (maybe after graduation... *evil smirk*)
3. Strong Sad (even if my hands were duct-taped behind my back and I had little pieces of duct tape over my eyes and he had a spear... though I'd rather just give him a big hug because he needs one...)

Three people I'd lose a fight with:
1. Jenn (it would be like a kitten trying to fight a tiger)
2. Megan (those of you who know her are well aware of the great size difference)
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger (enough said)

last cigarette: blech, never had one... though I had to hold my aunt's cig once, that was revolting
last kiss: do kitten-kisses count?
last good cry: I think that's an oxymoron. The last time I even cried was last Wednesday...
last library book checked out: jeez, I don't know, it's been years (I'm more of a buyer than a borrower)
last movie seen: The Nightmare Before Christmas (I saw it with Ben and Nick on either Tuesday or Wednesday night)
last book read: one of my textbooks, but for fun, half of "The Dragon and the George," even though the book sucks
last cuss word uttered: I think I said "kickass" or something at lunch today
last beverage drank: raspberry iced tea
last food consumed: mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli, and iced tea (I got a stomachache afterwards... stupid Brooks food...)
last crush: about a year ago, I'll omit his name because certain people here know him and I'm paranoid... he's taken anyway, and I think I'd prefer just a friendship anyway...
last phone call: I think my mom called a few days ago
last tv show watched: *shrugs* I rarely watch TV
last shoes worn: I'm wearing my Powerpuff Girls shoes with rainbow laces!
last cd played: Bend it Like Beckam soundtrack
last item bought: random stuff at Bilo (if you must know, organic couscous, frozen popcorn shrimp, canned chicken, and kitty earmite medicine)
last downloaded: no idea
last annoyance: the kitten left traces of poo on my sheets... must change them now even though I was going to wait til tomorrow...
last disappointment: Brooks food (blech as usual)
last soda drank: I avoid carbonated beverages... but I think I had some orange stuff a few weeks ago
last thing written: this! tadaa!
last key used: space bar! r! exclamation point!
last word spoken: probably something like "Hi, Baby!" (to the kitten)
last sleep: last night... 12:30-ish - 10-ish
last sexual fantasy: is that any of your business? *cough*thismorning*cough*
last weird encounter: saying hi to my weird housemates?
last ice cream eaten: it was most likely a strawberry cone at Brooks in the past week...
last time amused: browsing the "adult" section on ebay (hey, I'm bored, and certain things are just amusing...)
last time wanting to die: dunno...
last time in love: N/A
last time hugged: Saturday night as Nick and I were leaving the homecoming dance (waves to Jenn and Evil Thom)
last time scolded: probably yesterday when my story was critiqued... but that's scolding in a productive way
last time resentful: probably this afternoon, wondering why most of the awesomest people I know have to be so crushingly depressed
last chair sat in: my wonderful squiggly chair
last lipstick used: I don't wear the stuff, it's nasty
last underwear worn: purple
last bra worn: erm... gray...
last shirt worn: my Homsar shirt!
last time dancing: pretending to get groovy at the homecoming dance (for about 2 seconds)
last webpage visited: random ebay stuff

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