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Ahh, back from fall break. Lots of stuff happened. My mom and I stayed at a fancy hotel in Cleveland and went to the art museum the next morning. It's an amazing place, and if you haven't been yet, you should go sometime. On Sunday I did nothing most of the day, but I made apple pie (from scratch!) and it was delightful. Yesterday, my sister tried to kill me. When Jack Sparrow sang about "really bad eggs," he was probably singing about my sister's cooking. She offered me a "breakfast burrito," and I ate two in the car on the way to my neurologist appointment. About halfway there, I felt queasy, and I figured it was a combination of the eggs and the swirly, bumpy Pennsylvania roller coaster roads. When we drove through Blawnox (such a gorgeous name for a town), I felt really sick, my mom pulled over, and I decorated the sidewalk with a colorful array of half-digested stuff. I hadn't thrown up since I was 9, so that was odd... and disgusting. When we got back, I asked Katie if the eggs made her sick too and she said that she had a stomachache. Grarr. That's definitely the last time I eat anything she makes. When my dad got home, he told Katie that it's important to put in enough poison to kill the person, not just make them sick.

Anyway, my uncle called, thinking he had appendicitis, and his symptoms really sounded like what I had so I told him to go to the hospital, but it turns out he just had epididymitus. My other uncle called and said my cousin Laura is pregnant, which is great news since a few years ago I heard her talking about how she wanted a kid. I think she and her husband Chris will be great parents, and my cousin April's kids will be thrilled to have a cousin close to their age. On that note, yesterday my sister randomly told me that it would be really awesome if I got married... I don't know where that idea came from, and I told her I doubt I'll ever get married. She seemed really intent on the idea anyway... I don't know why. I think I'm too young to get married. I'm not saying that 20 is too young for anyone to get married, but it is for me. I still consider myself a kid, and somehow I don't think I'd be happy married to someone. I'm perfectly happy being single, though I wouldn't say no if certain people (like a friend or acquaintance) asked me out. I asked Katie who she thought I should marry, and she said "that guy you dressed up with." I had to laugh, since she's never met Nick and knows nothing about him other than we wore interesting clothes/costumes for homecoming for the past 2 years.

My mom brought me back to school today, and we had lunch at a local coffeeshop. The waiter almost immediately sent my gaydar beeping... the way he talked, carried plates, walked, his earrings, just everything. Of course, I'm probably jumping to conclusions and biting into stereotypes, but I found him very entertaining. I just like gay men, they're so interesting and... huggable. I need more gay male friends.

I brought my mannequin to school, so I need to set her up and put some clothes on her (right now she's wearing a zebra print bra and thong, and her body parts are scattered in the downstairs hallway... I wonder if my male housemates are really freaked out now...). I also brought pumpkins and pomegranates, since we went to Schramm's yesterday. Ah, fall... so pretty, yet so sad.

Well, I should unpack and stuff. Yay.

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