Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

I forgot to mention that Moccasin has somehow gone from a tiny kitten to a full-grown monster in less than 5 months. Seriously, he's huge. Those of you who met him when he was a baby wouldn't even recognize him now. He's still so nice and sweet, but he's always chasing poor Belle around, and now he's catching mice. *sigh* My baby grew up...

1.--How do you take your coffee? I'm not fond of coffee (too bitter), but I like Mudt (a mocha-like drink Laura makes), mochas, and this pumpkin spice cappucino I had today
2.--How do you take your tea? Plain in my smily face mug
3.--How do you like your hamburger (or gardenburger)? on a sesame seed bun with with cheeeese, bacon, tomatoes, and pickles, plus sprouts if they're available
4.--How do you like your boyband member? Erm... don't like boybands. But I like Hedwig on a croissant with a side of gummi bears and sugar daddies!
5.--How do you like your slash? I'm not into slash like *some* people, but I do think Jack, Will, and Elizabeth would make a great trio... ravishing each other by day, raiding the coast in the Black Pearl by night...
6.--How do you like your sex? I like being female just fine, thanks
7.--How do you like your fic? well-written
8.--Do you take a paper? Magazine? (name them) I occasionally read The Campus (I skim through most of it) or whatever other newspapers are around (I usually only read the comics, but if other stuff catches my eye, I go for it), and I subscribe to Realms of Fantasy and most recently, Cicada. Occasionally I read other magazines, but in my opinion, most popular magazines totally suck and there are very few that catch my interest
9.--Do you take a chance? (when was the last time?) Well... I took my life in my hands by eating my sister's cooking yesterday, but that ended up all over a sidewalk in Blawnox...
10.--Do you take a stand? About what? I'm usually pretty passive and keep my thoughts to myself, but if I feel really strongly about something, I'll voice my opinion... then get angry and sulk by myself when I get shot down several times...

Holy cow, I've been on the computer since I got here... I better go have dinner or something. I wonder if we're having Tuesday group tonight.

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