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What the hell is wrong with modern stores? Why do they never sell rolling pins any more? I searched half a dozen stores in Meadville. Sure, they had plenty of *other* cooking supplies, but no rolling pins. Even the Amish store didn't have them. I finally wandered into the thrift store and found one hiding behind a rack. It was a $7 antique, but it looked nice and broken-in, so I bought it. Now I can make my pie! But why don't most stores carry rolling pins? You'd think they'd be a kitchen supply staple, but noooooooo, apparently everyone uses pre-made crusts now. Whatever happened to making pies from scratch? What about rolling out cookie dough? Not everyone buys store-bought cookies or those tubes of ready-to-cut dough. Some people like to cook the old-fashioned way instead of just buying everything pre-cut, peeled, cooked, and wrapped. Stupid lazy people (says the girl who's too lazy to get out of bed most mornings). Gee whiz... what is the world coming to? *grumblegrumble*

Holy cow, it's past 5 already. Time to start peeling the apples and making pie the RIGHT way!

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