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The pie turned out beautifully, and it was almost worth trudging around Meadville with a shitload of heavy groceries fruitlessly hunting for a rolling pin for several hours. I say almost because I still want to burninate certain stores, but that's ok. Some of my housemates and I sat around eating pie and watching "Office Space" (Jamie wanted to watch Rocky Horror again, but after she found out I was an "Office Space" virgin, she changed her mind). Great movie. Milton was definitely my favorite character (the mumbly guy people treated like shit), especially in the last few seconds where he was mumbling about putting strychnine in the guacamole.

And Leen made my day. I love you, Leeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo!
Swiped from leentigress:
Ade is awesome, because she told me a story about monkeys and pirates and jellybeans and turtle soup.
And she's awesome because she's Ade, too, of course.
She's one of the people I wish I'd gotten to read more of at Alpha, *nodnod* because she's so awesome and because her reading at the bookstore was so cool. And silly. And definitely memorable.

*grins* Well, I'm a little post-happy again today. Ah well.

This site translates things you type into different dialects. So I decided to copy the lyrics to "Baby Got Back" into the "Jolly Well Spoken" translator. Behold the results, old bean!

Blimey, becky, butchah at hah butt it is soh laaargah than normal she loohks fancy one of those rap guys girlfriends whoh understands those rap guys they simply chinwag to hah because she loohks fancy ah total money trading young filly, what-oh? i mean hah butt it's fie soh laaargah than normal i can't believe it's soh round it's fie out there i mean, it's gross loohk, she's fie soh black i fancy laaargah than normal butts and one can not porky you uhthah bruhthers can't deny that when ah filly walks in with an itty bitty waste and ah round thing in your face you get sprung wannah pull up front cuz you, my old bean, notice that butt was stuffed deep in the jeans she's weaaaring i'm hoohked and one can't stopp staaaring oh, baby one fancies ah get with you, my old bean, and take your picture my homeboys tried to waaarn myself but with that butt you, my old bean, got me soh horny oohh, rub all of that smoohth skin you seay you, my old bean, fancy to get in my benz well use myself, use myself cuz you, my old bean, ain't that average groupy i've seen them dancin' the hell with romancin' she sweat, wet, got it goin' fancy ah turboh 'vette i'm knackered of magazines saying flat butt's the simply thing take the average black old bean and ask him that she gottah pack much beck, soh... fellas (yeah), fellas (yeah) has your girlfriend got the butt (hell yeah) well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt baby got beck (lah face with oakland boohty) i like'em round and laaargah than normal and when one is throwin' ah gig i fie can't be of assistance ones's self i'm actin fancy an animal noh here's my scandal i fancy to get you, my old bean, mansion and ugh, double ugh, ugh i ain't talkin' bout playboy cuz silicone paaarts were made for toys i wannem real dim and juicy soh find that juicy double mixalot's in trouble beggin' for ah piece of that bubble soh one is loohkin' at rock videos watchin' these bimbos walkin' fancy hoes you can have them bimbos i'll keep my totty fancy floh jo ah word to the dim soul sistas i fancy to get with you, my old bean, i shant cus or hit you, my old bean, but one gottah be straight when one seay one fancies ah balderdash til the break of dawn baby, one got it goin on ah lot of pimps shant fancy this song cuz them punks fancy to hit it and quit it but i'd rahthah steay and play cuz one is long and one is strong and one is down to get the frictiohn on soh totty (yeah), totty (yeah) if you, my old bean, fancy to role in my mercedes (yeah) then turn aaaround stick it out even white boys got to shout baby got beck (lah face with the oakland boohty) yeah baby when it comes to females cosmoh and got nuhthin to doh with my selection 36-24-36 only if she's 5'3" soh your girlfriend rolls ah honda playin' workout tapes by fonda but fondah ain't got ah motor in the beck of hah honda my anacondah dane't fancy none unless you've got buns hon you can doh side bends or sit-ups, but please dane't lose that butt some bruhthers fancy to pleay that haaard role and tell you, my old bean, that the butt need to jolly well go soh they toss it and leave it and one pull up quick to retrieve it soh cosmoh says you, my old bean, aaare fat well one ain't down with that cuz your waste is small and your curves aaare kickin' and one is thinkin' bout stickin' toh the beanpole dames in the magazines you ain't it miss thang give myself ah sistah one can't resist her red beans and rice didn't miss her some knucklehead tried to dis cuz his totty were ohn my manuscript he had game but he chose to hit 'em and pulled up quick to get with 'em soh totty if the butt is round and you, my old bean, fancy to triple x bung down dial 1-900-mixalot and kick them nasty thoughts baby got beck Absolutely top hole - I have to say.

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